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What Is Blog

A blog is basically a Web-blog used by many people to provide updates on any topic that you specialize in or are very interested in. You can have a blog on any topic and you may just use it for yourself as a journal and keep it very private.

Blogging Platforms
Blogging Platforms

Writing daily, weekly, monthly or regular updates provides your readers your experience on the topic through posts, these posts are your updates. The blog allows members to respond to a post and add their feed-back or response, these are logged and most blogging platforms have a very good tracking system for keeping your discussion developing into useful information.

Blogs can also be a collaborative work of a group of people adding comments, pictures, audio, video and recommendations, the topics of discussion is usually very open but focused on the area of interest.

Blogs have become more and more popular due to the connectivity of participants through mobile phones, just imagine reading an update and you are able to provide your feed-back right away on your phone.

What Would I Use A Blog For?

I will use the “neighbors” example. Your neighbors could all be involved in a blog that helps with a neighborhood watch and connecting with each other to let each other know about any potential dangers in your neighborhood.

This blog is only available to the members and it can be a closed blog that will not let others join the discussion of this group unless they are approved to be in the group by the site developer or administrator.
Many of us use Facebook for connecting already, this is a blog…a super structured blog and built for connectivity, but it is also mainly an advertising platform.

What Could I Blog About?
What Could I Blog About?

Your blog is more private and not subject to all the ads and exposure that you may encounter on Facebook.
A blog can be for anything, there are no real limits of what you can use a blog for, it’s up to you.
But, you also want to make it useful, something that you can use everyday, and something that other’s can use the information for.

How Do I Start A Blog?

The easiest way is to find a free platform, if you already have a gmail account, there is one inside of your gmail account already. Just press on the black square on the upper right-hand side of your gmail account, you will see a number of icons, you may have to press “more” and you will see the blogger icon.

You can google “how to set-up a Blogger Blog”, there are thousands of videos that will run you through the set-up process step-by-step. Just search for the most recent instructions. I love Youtube, you can find instructions on anything that you don’t know.

When Would I Have Time?
When Would I Have Time?

There are all kinds of free blogging platforms on the internet, it’s just a matter of choice. Now, there are some more compelling reasons of why some people choose one over the other, but, it’s really up to you. You can also go by a recommendation from someone who is already using a free blogging platfrom. Again, you can do a search on this if you want.

Personal or Commercial Intent of Your Blog

In case you haven’t already noticed, the internet is nothing but a huge marketing machine, if there is something being advertised, there is someone making money, and if there is someone making money, there probably is an affiliate behind the ad promoting a product.

This is something else you will have to decide, do you want to host ads on your site. Usually, the ads that you host on your site are going to be related to your topic and you can earn affiliate commissions if you decide to do so.

Search Engines direct traffic to related content on the internet, that is their job if someone searches for a certain keyword or keyword phrase. If you have good content, most likely, the traffic will be directed to your site and buyers will be clicking on these ads on your blog. Wouldn’t that be great to make some extra cash from something you are already doing.

You become an expert in your topic at the same time, it can be kind of exciting and addictive at the same time to know that you are providing valuable and useful content to people all over the world.

Images and Video On Your Blog

It almost goes without saying, to make your content more exciting to your readers, you want to add related images or video. It’s best that you create these yourself and name them as related to the blog itself, if your blog is about “classic cars”, your images will most likely be about classic cars and you will name them accordingly.
You may want to research software that will help you make videos, the easiest way to do is with your mobile phone camera, if you are not camera shy, it will be that much more easier.

Most people tend to produce videos with images, short video clips and back-ground music and a voice-over without ever showing themselves on live video. You may want to go this route and add live video of yourself once you get more confident in what you are doing and what you are promoting.

Making It A Daily Habit

Updating your blog should be a regular habit whether you do it on a daily, weekly, monthly or whenever you have a few minutes to spare. It is recommended that you do this as often as you can to provide fresh and daily content and this also depends on the need to do it, if you are connecting with people on a regular basis, you should have your blog up on your computer at all times so that you can respond right away to comments. You do this with your Facebook account, there is no reason why you can’t do it with your blog, you may even want to connect your blog to your Facebook account.

Most people think that moms have a lot time on their hands if they are stay-at-home moms, the truth and the reality; they don’t. Trying to fit in the time to blog will have to become a daily habit along with the chores. Just don’t think of this as a chore…writing is relaxation and peace of mind. You may even just write a blog to write down all the stuff that displeases you about your everyday life and how to get beyond some of life’s challenges, everyone has them.

As I mentioned, you may even become somewhat of an expert in that area and find the resources you can share with your group. One thing always leads to another, especially online with the vast amount of information available to us.

Advertising On Your Blog

This is completely optional depending on where your blog is hosted. If you are using the Blogger system on your gmail account, you can sign-up to a Google Adwords Account, you can display related Google ads on your blog and if people click on these ads, you get paid from Google. Of course, there are rules to this, you can’t be clicking on these ads yourself or get your family and friends to click on them, you will probably get caught and have your Google Account closed down.
But, you can also apply to hundreds of Affiliate Networks out there including, Clickbank and hundreds, even thousands of networks that you can become an affiliate.
An affiliate gets paid a commission everytime someone clicks on an ad, buys something or downloads something from ads that are posted on your site. This can become very lucrative depending on the traffic on your site or how much work you want to put into promoting these ads and offers.

You can find Youtube videos on affiliate marketing and all the steps to becoming a great affiliate marketing, just view some of the ads on this site, and you do decide to buy something, buy it through my link..thank-you.

If you look carefully at the URL of the landing page you are taken when you click on the ad, you will notice a series of numbers, this is usually the affiliate’s own special code, they will be given credit for the sale from the Affiliate Network that is sponsoring this ad.

Again, there is all kinds of information on the internet about affiliate marketing if you decide you want to venture down that route.

There are many opportunities in the mobile marketing world that are way beyond internet websites, most of your friends are probably using mobile right now to view a blog or other social media. Just Imagine the unlimited possibilities with mobile and your blog.