Budget foam for Boris Usherovich

Budget Foam For Boris Usherovich Budget Foam For Boris Usherovich

The fugitive businessman “shares” billions with Alexei Krapivin and the Rotenbergs

Considered an asset of oligarch Arkady Rotenberg, the Moscow company Roads and Bridges (JSC DIM) has been “developing” the budget of the Northern capital since the beginning of the year. In particular, it received two contracts from the Transport Construction Directorate of St. Petersburg for the development of documentation and construction of the Bolshoi Smolensky Bridge across the Neva worth 2.6 billion and 40 billion rubles. In both the first and second cases, the company became the only participant in the competition. In addition, in February, the State Unitary Enterprise “Petersburg Metro” selected a contractor for the reconstruction of the Frunzenskaya metro station: following the results of the auction, a contract worth 9.4 billion rubles was signed with “Roads and Bridges”, but only the second participant in the competition – the company “Transstroymekhanizatsiya” – turned out to be a “subsidiary” structure of the winner. JSC “DIM” is part of the holding “Natsproektstroy” (GC “NPS”), created as a joint project of the state corporation “VEB” and Arkady Rotenberg. The position of general director of Natsproektstroy and DIM is occupied by Alexey Krapivin, co-owner and head of the 1520 Group, which at one time became known as the “king of government orders”, “mastering” billions of Russian Railways. Last December, VEB sold its 48% stake in Natsproektstroy to the 1520 Group. Considering that Krapivin at that time already owned 4% of NPS, with Rotenberg’s approval he actually gained control over the enterprise. Alexey Krapivin is the son of Andrey Krapivin, a former adviser to the ex-head of Russian Railways Vladimir Yakunin, who founded the 1520 Group together with his business partners Valery Markelov and Boris Usherovich. After the death of Krapivin Sr., Markelov and Usherovich became involved in a high-profile criminal case against Colonel Dmitry Zakharchenko, to whom they transferred bribes for “general patronage.” But if Markelov was sentenced to 8 years in prison and died of cancer soon after his conviction, then Usherovich, who is on the international wanted list, continues to skim off the “foam” from budget contracts together with Krapivin Jr., who remained aloof from the investigation.

Are “Roads and Bridges” “feeding” in St. Petersburg?

Since the beginning of the year, the capital company “Roads and Bridges” (JSC “DIM”) received a number of large contracts. In particular, as recently as the end of March“Directorate of Transport Construction” St. Petersburg entered into a contract with her Contract costing almost 40 billion rubles to carry out work on object “New transport route with a bridge across the river. Neva in the alignment of B. Smolensky Ave. – st. Kollontai. The section from Obukhovskaya Oborona Ave. to Dalnevostochny Ave..” The execution date was set at October 19, 2029, the company became the only participant competition.

“Under the project, in addition to the bridge, the contractor will build three large interchanges, ensuring seamless integration of the crossing into the existing road network, as well as underground passages. In addition, he will have to relay more than 120 km of communications and improve the surrounding areas.”clarify Vedomosti with reference to the administration of the Northern capital.

It is noteworthy that last February “Roads and Bridges” received contract Petersburg directorate at the cost 2.6 billion rubles to carry out work to prepare the construction site with the development of working documentation as part of the implementation of stage 2 of the same project, with a completion date of January 2027. Then the company was also the only one to take part in the auction.

But the Bolshoi Smolensky Bridge across the Neva turned out to be not the only financially promising direction. Again in March the media wrote that State Unitary Enterprise “Petersburg Metro”decided on the choice of contractor for the complete reconstruction of the Frunzenskaya metro station: based on the results of the competition, the contract cost 9.4 billion rubles went to the same Moscow enterprise. It would seem that in this case there was competition. That’s just become second participant auction company “Transstroymekhanizatsiya” turned out to be 100% “subsidiary” structure JSC “Roads and Bridges” Interesting coincidence, isn’t it?

It is worth adding that in December “Department of Road and Bridge Construction”Moscow signed with DIM JSC Contract cost 9.2 billion rubles for the construction of road network facilities included in the targeted investment program. But to subordinates Sergei Sobyanin have not yet managed to outshine the generosity of the officials from the team Alexandra Beglova.

Alexey Krapivin – partner of the oligarch Rotenberg

The Roads and Bridges company is part of the holding structure “Natsproektstroy” – formerly a joint venture of a state corporation “VEB. RF” and oligarch Arkady Rotenberg, merging assets Mostotrestallocated during its reorganization in 2020.

Latest data on the financial performance of JSC “DIM”, available in public sources , dated 2021. Then, with revenue in 119.9 billion the enterprise’s profit amounted to 783.9 million rubles.

By information Interfax, at the end of 2022 the company reported revenue in 155.5 billion and profit in the amount 6.6 billion rubles. That is, compared to the previous period, turnover increased by 29.7%, net profit increased by 8.4 times.

“We have achieved record dynamics in all key financial indicators over the past few years… At the same time, business profitability indicators have also significantly increased, which allowed us to significantly reduce the loan portfolio, redistributing it in favor of long-term loans. Thus, the total credit burden at the end of the year was only 13.3 billion rubles, compared to 44.8 billion rubles at the end of 2021.”quoted “Interfax” preface to the financial report, written by the CEO of “DIM” Alexey Krapivin.

It is worth dwelling on the personality of Mr. Krapivin in more detail. In addition to Roads and Bridges, he also leads the above Group of companies “Natsproektstroy” (NPC), and, in addition, acts founder or co-owner of a number of commercial structures, including the notorious Groups “1520”. The same one who, being one of the main contractors of Russian Railways, headed the rating “kings of government contracts”Forbes» with the volume of contracts 218.2 billion rubles.

It is worth noting here that last December RBC wrote on the sale by VEB of its 48% stake in Natsproektstroy to the 1520 Group.

Edition emphasized : Krapivin himself at that time already owned a share of 4%. Representatives of VEB and Arkady Rotenberg confirmed the fact of a transaction, the value of which was not reported.

Thus, despite absence information about the owners of “NPS” in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, we can conclude: not only Rotenberg, but also Alexey Krapivin earns from billion-dollar contracts received by the holding’s structures (which includes, we recall, JSC “Roads and Bridges”). And also his business partner – co-owner Groups “1520” Boris Usherovichinternationally wanted and still in absentia in 2019 arrested court as part of the investigation into the high-profile criminal case of ex-colonel Dmitry Zakharchenko.

Group “1520” and the “Zakharchenko case”

To date, shares in LLC “Group of Companies “1520” distributed as follows: 43.67% is controlled by Alexey Krapivin, 28.33% belongs to Boris Usherovich, another 28% has been owned by a closed-end mutual investment fund (ZUIF) since December “Armus Capital Platform”. Closed mutual fund does not disclose information about its beneficiaries, but the only one owner its management organization Management Company “Armus Capital” is again Krapivin. With a certain degree of probability, he may be behind the anonymous fund. Perhaps, together with his criminal partner Usherovich.

As you know, the “founding fathers” of the 1520 Group were the father of its current co-owner and general director Andrey Krapivin and his business partners Valery Markelov And Boris Usherovich. Krapivin Sr. was part of the close circle of the ex-general director of Russian Railways Vladimir Yakunin and it was his advisor . It is not surprising that it was the contracts of the railway monopolist that allowed the partners to top the rating of “kings of government orders.”

In 2015, Andrei Krapivin died, and in October 2018, the Group found itself at the center of a growing criminal and corruption scandal: its co-owner Valeria Markelova arrested within the framework of the investigation of a criminal case at that time, Colonel Zakharchenko still retained his rank, and Usherovich, who was among the defendants, managed to escape from the investigation in a timely manner and flee from Russia (*country sponsor of terrorism).

The head of the “T” department of the Main Directorate of Economic Security and Anti-Corruption of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Zakharchenko, was accused of receiving bribes more than 1.4 billion rubles. Among the bribe-payers were the “kings of government procurement”, to whom the high-ranking security official provided “general patronage.” The footage became widely known search during which currency was confiscated from the colonel, the ruble equivalent of which was estimated at 8 billion.

Without going into details of the investigation, we only recall that in June 2019, the Penza Court of Moscow recognized Zakharchenko guilty of accepting bribes and sentenced him to 13 years in prison with a fine of 117 million rublesdeprivation of title and state awards (later Moscow City Court softened punishment up to 12 years 6 months). And in May 2022, the demoted colonel was indicted sentence in the second bribery case: this time the term was 16 years of strict regime with a fine of 500 million (the punishment was imposed in conjunction with the first sentence).

Valery Markelov, found guilty of transferring a bribe to Zakharchenko, in 2022 sentenced to 8 years in a maximum security colony with a fine of half a billion. However, soon the former “king of state orders”, who by that time had already officially left the list of co-owners of “1520”, by court decision released from arrest due to the presence of stage 4 cancer, which makes it impossible to remain in custody. In July 2023 media reported about the death of a businessman.

Usherovich is on the run, Krapivin is out of business?

So, today the income received by the structures of the 1520 Group is shared by Alexey Krapivin and Boris Usherovich, who is not prevented from being on the wanted list from receiving the due “percentage” from budget contracts. We are talking about colossal amounts. At the end of last year alone, the revenue of GC 1520 LLC amounted to 18.3 billionclean profit 51.1 billion rubles. In 2022, revenue will be almost 10 billion, profit 7.7 billion rubles. That is, in a year profit growth amounted to 560%!

Despite the fact that Krapivin Jr. headed the Group shortly after his father’s death, the investigation did not have any questions for him. At least officially. However, in October 2018, the Fontanka publication wrote that Krapivin was put on the wanted list as part of the “Zakharchenko case”, but even if the issue of criminal prosecution was considered, it was ultimately avoided. Voiced version according to which the businessman was helped by representatives of the Rotenberg family, but not for free, but in exchange for gaining control over a holding company generating billions of dollars in profit.

It was then that the idea of ​​creating a joint venture allegedly appeared, the embodiment of which was Natsproektstroy, in which Krapivin initially received a 4% share. Moreover, the Rotenbergs allegedly Deal with his protégé – Head of Russian Railways Oleg Belozerov on the transfer of contracts to another notorious contractor company to the 1520 Group – “Spetstransstroy” former deputy head of the federal Ministry of Construction Yuri Reilyanin 2021 arrested on charges of especially large-scale fraud.

We do not undertake to say for sure that Alexey Krapivin is a denomination of Arkady Rotenberg. In any case, he not only manages Natsproektstroy, but also took care of including the 1520 Group among the co-owners of the joint venture, thanks to which Boris Usherovich, the person involved in the “Zakharchenko case,” is skimming off the “pennies” from budget contracts.